Who We Are:

Smooches Pooches is a Pet Boutique specializing in unique, high-quality pet products that celebrate the special relationship you have with your furbaby.

Established in 2014, Smooches Pooches was born from the belief that pets are more than pets: they are family members. In that spirit, we have created a space where all are welcome. Through our shared passion to provide our furbabies as much joy as they provide us, our shop fosters a special place where you can pick out speciality treats for your pooch (and you), but most importantly a space where you can hang out, chat with others, and celebrate that special connection we all have for our companions.

The Human Behind the Shop

Puppy mama since 2012, Danielle Cunningham, Owner and President, has been head of all operations since day one in 2014. Her previous experience is in secondary teaching, where she taught English Literature and Writing for six years.  She is most excited to bring her shop to Edinburgh from California and explore and support the local artisans and craftspeople by feature their wares in the shop.


Our Values

  • We believe our dogs and cats – our furbabies – are important members of our family; deserving to be as happy as they make us.
  • We believe that making their journey through life as healthy and happy as possible starts with smart and healthy choices in the products we provide.
  • We believe in involving local artisans, craftspeople, and bakers in our product choices. Lowering our global footprint (and paw print) by supporting our community.
  • We believe that giving back to our local community benefits everyone by providing better opportunities for all.




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